Digital Marketing Pricing

On-Going Monthly Retainer

For the execution of an on-going SEO Strategy bringing long-term results, a monthly SEO retainer fee is optimum. By contracting with the top SEO company in Derby, you can be certain that our full focus will be on your project month after month.

We will maintain and continually improve your search engine rankings and keep traffic up, always with an eye on the competition and any fluctuations in the market. Our SEO specialists are constantly staying abreast of any changes in the search engine algorithms so that we can revise our strategies as needed.

Performance-Based Pricing

If you’re not ready to start an on-going monthly SEO retainer fee, or are perhaps just starting your business and don’t yet have the budget to implement a long term SEO strategy, then we can look at a performance-based fee package that you may be more comfortable starting out with.

For example, we can come up with an arrangement by which you pay us upon delivery of our customized SEO campaign and when we’ve achieved the online results we promised you; whether it be numbers of visitors to your site, or a predetermined ranking for a specific keyword or keyword search term.

Commission-Based SEO Plan

If making sales online is vital to your business, then we can look at strategies for sending qualified leads resulting in sales, to your site. We can put a tracking system in place so that we are paid a commission on every lead and every conversion or sale you get online.

We have many clients in the service industries, including contractors, insurance and various legal niches that pay us on commission. It’s proven to be a very profitable way of doing business, with no downside for the client. It works for us because we know we can get the results needed to make it worthwhile.

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Web Development and other projects including e-commerce and ppc are quoted per job, please contact us for prices on these.